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Jan 28 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – pre-assessment with a personal trainer to help evaluate physical status and how to improve workout routine and training as well as suggestions for diet. My diet isn’t bad, but I can be better. Then off to TRC for 30-40 minutes of an upper body workout. The restart of adding weights into my workouts has begun. I weighted 194.9 lbs. today.

Tuesday – REST! I really needed this. I did keep active with lots of laundry and house cleaning, exciting right?

Wednesday – I really wanted to rest again today, but I rode 6.4 virtual miles; Program 2, level 2, 24 mins.

Thursday – I rock climbed at TRC for 2.5 hours.

Friday – I think I rested, I forgot.

Saturday – I mountain biked 4.8 miles at Lake Crabtree County Park (LCCP).

Sunday – Training hike 5.4 miles, 20’12” per mile pace with a 25 lb. pack. Later in the day I went back for another 2 miles hiked and a did mock scenario for an introduction into trad climbing with Danny and Cindy.

Jan 21 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – I rode 6.6 virtual miles; Program 2, level 2, 24 mins. Today I weigh 196.6 lbs.

Tuesday – rest. I met Amy at Cameron Bar & Grill to talk about the potential for Kilimanjaro and we talked about all sorts of things all across the board. I would have to say we can both make 90 degree turns during conversation. The breakdown though, was that I’m not a BADASS, I’m a B _ _ _ _ _. And therefore, she’s got some ideas on intensity training she wants to introduce me to. Friday is the first potential workout in this arena. We’ll see. I would like to become a B A D A S S!

Wednesday – I rode 3.2 virtual miles; Program 6, level 2, 12 mins.

Thursday – I rock climbed for 2 hours, multiple laps on 5.6/7 routes.

Friday – I rode 6.3 virtual miles; Program 6, level 2, 24 mins.

Saturday – Amy introduced me to her exercise routine and I tried out a few of the basic lifting positions. We then rock climbed for 1 hour, multiple laps on 5.6/7/8 routes.

Sunday – Training hike 6.08 miles, 20’21” per mile pace. Check out the hike specs here. It was 36F outside so I wore my liners and lightweight Smartwool socks. I got a small blister on left foot big toe ball off centered towards the toes and 2nd toe. It did not pop so it should make for good toughening of the skin. I think my liner wasn’t pulled tight before I laced up. I felt the hot spot around mile 4 and decided to let it blister instead of stop and adjust or use moleskin.

Jan 14 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – I rode 3.1 virtual miles; Program 4, level 1, 12 mins.

Tuesday – I rock climbed at TRC for 2 hours. When I started this blog I weighted 198.4 lbs. and today I weigh 195.6 lbs.

Wednesday – I rode 3.1 virtual miles; Program 3, level 1, 12 mins.

Thursday – I rock climbed at TRC for 3 hours.

Friday – rest

Saturday – I rode 30 miles on the ATT from Apex to Durham to Apex, fastest mile was mile 27. Check out the 1st half of the ride and the 2nd half of the ride.

Sunday – I rock climbed at TRC for 1.5 hours.

Jan 7 Weekly Exercise Update

It’s Monday… I sorta made it up this morning,  I did not just move like I wanted.  But, I rode a level 1, program 1 ride for 12 minutes and covered 2.8 virtual miles.  I just did start to get warm by the end of the ride.  I’ve never done this most basic setting on the semi-recumbent before. Talk about lazy, but I did something, not nothing. I had 3 strips of bacon, 2 mini corn bread muffins, milk and tea for breakfast.

Tuesday – I should probably try to do a weekly workout update or the blog entries might get out of hand with boring entries. I rock climbed at TRC for 2 hours tonight.

Wednesday – I rode 3.2 virtual miles; program 7, level 1, 12 mins.

Thursday – rest

Friday – I rock climbed at TRC for 4 hours, with a bit of socializing mixed in.

Sunday – I mountain biked 5.97 miles at Lake Crabtree Country Park (LCCP).

Self motivation


This evening I thought about summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro and how I’ve been thinking about it on and off for a while. I may have started thinking of this a year ago. Late summer 2012 Lisa Marie Albert landed a job in South Africa, opening another opportunity to visit Africa. I could visit her, go on safari. Thinking of Africa stirred the thoughts of Kili again. I thought to myself, how serious am I? I need to know if I can set the training regimen into action. I wondered, how will I motivate myself, what can I do to inspire? Without a daily reminder, Kili may not remain in the forefront of my mind. If I’m serious, actions must begin.

I thought some images of the mountain might help. I sought out a few high res images on the web, some I could print larger than a regular sheet of paper. I want to post a few in places I’ll look every day. Maybe I’ll put one of the back of my front door, on my office wall, on my car dash? I’ve already added a photo as the cover photo to my FaceBook page.


Will FB exist when you read this? Who’s to say. Now how will I document my thoughts about Kili, my adventure, things to help remind me to train, stories to share of the journey with loved ones in the future? Well, here it is. I’m typing each entry in plain text to be added to a book later with images along the way.

Who am I? I’m a computer engineer, model railroader, mountain biker, snow skier, hiker, camper, backpacker, rock climber, chef and more. What do I look like at the start of training? I’m 17.5% body fat and 198.4 lbs.

2013-01-06_23-04_image2 2013-01-06_23-05_image3

I imagine this training will trim me up, another goal I’ve wanted to accomplish over the last few years. I mean, check out the extra chin on that 2nd one (yes, you can check out Jen too, she is totally cute). I’m not fat, in fact I’m fortunate I’ve never been fat, but I’ve not been trim in a long time. Less weight, more strength. This will enhance the rock climbing I’m currently involved in and will add to my backpacking stamina as well. I feel like I could write forever while I sit here, but alas, sleep calls for tomorrow morning, a month of training begins. Can I keep it up for a month? Will I make that commitment required to train hard so summit success is given the best opportunity? I want it now. I have to want it more. I can’t say I’ll write every day, but every day I train I’ll make a note. If I feel like writing, I will.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, are you ready for me? I’m sure you are. Am I ready for you? The test begins.

Shall I attempt the summit…


Shall I make a summit attempt at one of the Seven Summits?  You bet I should! This line drawing of Mt. Kilimanjaro is to remind me of the simple ups and downs I may go through while training for a summit attempt and life in general.