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hydration, or lack thereof

Hydration, what do you know about it? I’ve learned something clear about my body and how hydration impacts it, and most notably while skiing this past weekend I realized it wasn’t my lack of caffeine or sugar from my morning sweet tea that I love which caused my late afternoon headaches, it was dehydration!

Over the course of my training for Kilimanjaro, I increased my liquid intake to at least 2 liters per day. I would say I’ve done a really good job of this. I have 20 oz of water during breakfast as well as 12-16 oz of sweet tea. I generally have at least 1 L of water during work and while working out I visit the water fountain frequently. While skiing, I might have managed 32 oz of liquid before hitting the slopes, 20 oz of that was Mt. Dew. Now I have no issue with a small bit of soda here and there, but I didn’t have any water again until lunch at 2PM after skiing for 4 hours. I managed 20-24 oz then headed back out for more skiing.

Was I replacing what I was using? Not a chance! I had a whopper of a dehydration headache, but plenty of water and 2 pints of beer during dinner knocked it right out, at least “just enough”. The next day while traveling, I did not do a good job on catching up on the liquid I had missed the day before and had a headache again by the time I got home. I drank a liter of water and two 12 oz beers and started to get things flowing again. Finally on Monday I drank close to my normal amount of fluids, but I still feel like I’m catching up.

Moral of the story? The Mayo Clinic suggests an average male should have 3 liters of fluids per day. Of course it would be a good idea if most of that is water. I’m not quite at 3 liters, but I’m getting there! Some tea and beer can’t hurt too much, and I’ll have soda here and there, but when you hear some people drink a 12 pack of diet Dr. Pepper every day, you just have to wonder what is happening to their body. Yikes!

Stay hydrated!

Feb 25 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – Well, if I have my count correct, this is the start of week 8 of my training! It’s been a fun ride so far, learning new things, adding new workout routines… all while having my schedule turned upside down. I had intended to workout today, but somehow I FAILED at time management. I did get my stabilizer ball and bosu blown up, so they are ready to go for next time… and I ran out of milk, how terrible!

Tuesday – I climbed for 2 hours at TRC doing some more laps.

Wednesday – I did PT routine 3 of 3 to the sound of Van Halen’s 1984 album. Today I weigh 193.6 lbs.

Thursday – I climbed at TRC and worked on some lead climbing.

Friday – rest

Saturday – I hiked somewhere between 8-10.5 miles. We had some GPS estimates that different from the same hike.

Sunday – more rest today, but I had fun watching Top Gun in IMAX 3D.

Climb though it may be a challenge.

Feb 18 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – I worked on the farm today. We processed 600 lbs. of hog and made a ton of sausage, livermush, and there were ribs, pork chops and loins cut as well. I also helped stir the pot to render lard and cracklin.

Tuesday – I meant to do one of my PT’s routines today but time slipped away. I still climbed for 2 hours at TRC. It really hit me today that since I started seeing Nadia, I quit riding on m exercise bike in the mornings. I need to get to that. I’m at 196 lbs. today which means my weight isn’t changing much. I hope I am trimming the fat and gaining muscle… that’s what I’m supposed to be doing!

Wednesday – I rode 6.4 virtual miles; Program 2, level 2, 24 mins.

Thursday – 3 of 3 initial sessions with a Personal Trainer, Nadia, 4:45-5:45PM. Warm up, alternate 10 knee pulls each leg. Next cross kicks. Hold hands straight out in front and kick opposite hand, keep shoulders back, 10 each leg. 10 spiderman lunges. Workout begins. Run steps to 2nd story skipping a step on the way up, no skipping on the way down, keep up the pace for 2 minutes. Do regular lunges, about 10 each leg. Start all over! Yup, that’s right! 10 knee pulls each leg, 10 cross kicks each leg, 10 spiderman lunges, run steps for 2 minutes. Next are 15 sit up pulls. Do sit ups with arms over head, as you come up, grab railing and pull to stand, then reverse (that’s 1). Try to focus on using lats, arms only slightly bent. Up next, 10 inch worms. These are somewhat like the walk out pushups, but after you walk out, no pushup (until you up the ante), then walk up using your ankles towards your hands, keep legs straight, then hands back out. This really works core. Next are side shuffles (about 50 ft. each direction) for 2 minutes. Repeat! 15 sit up pulls, 10 inch worms and 2 minutes of side shuffles. Next are alternating ball push ups. Use a ball about basketball size under 1 hand, other hand on floor, do 12 pushups. (I think there were more but we’ll start there.) Next are side planks. Lay on side with legs straight, feet stacked on top of each other. Place elbow directly under shoulder and plank (lift up hips) for 30 seconds. Do this for both sides. Stretch! After an hour rest I climbed 2 hours at TRC.

Friday – This was a rest day as I headed to WV for skiing at Snowshoe!

Saturday – I skied with Jes and her mom Saturday. I would say would we skied hard for about 5 hours. It was a blast!

Sunday -This was a rest day as I headed home.

Feb 11 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – 2 of 3 initial sessions with a Personal Trainer, Nadia, 6-7PM. Warm up, 10 spiderman lunges. I need to remember to step out far, keep back leg straight, hands should come down next to foot. Next were leg cradle lunges. This has me lift leg and put ankle in opposite hand, same hand under knee and pull up on leg with shoulders back then lunge. 5 x each leg (maybe more). Next were 15 walk out pushups. Keep legs straight, curl up and end with shoulders back. On to the workout. Step up hops on 16″ high bench x 20, both legs. Next is 2 hand overhead triceps extension on ball. Weight at 30 lbs. Remember to keep elbows in, motion is UP not forward, 12-15 reps. As I get better at this, bring my legs in closer together in front of ball. Next more walk out pushups x 15. Next are crunch reaches on ball. Hold head in 1 hand, extend other hand over head and crunch, as hand reaches thigh, crunch further to slide hand up towards knee, then back, looking ahead, don’t tuck chin. Make sure body is parallel with floor, but ball not under shoulder blades, just touching. Do 15 of these per side. After each side, I can lay way back on ball to stretch out abs a bit. Next side squats on bosu ball x 20 (10 each leg). Don’t step off too far and power up with leg on bosu ball, not leg on floor, this will require focus on power leg. Back to the bench for more step up hops x 20, both legs. More overhead triceps extensions on ball. More crunch reaches, 15 per side. Finally dips off bench with feet on medicine ball. Keep back near bench, elbows in, straight down (not past 90) x 15. Stretch! After an hour rest I climbed for 2 hours at TRC.

Tuesday – Last night I slept like a rock and I did not move. It was good sleep. I climbed 2 hours at TRC today.

Wednesday – I’m taking Mom out to dinner, so rest it is, probably needed even though I want to to workout 2 of 3 again.

Thursday – Today I did the complete routine 2 of 3 from my personal trainer, then climbed for about 1.5 hours. I was done, worn out!

Friday – REST

Saturday – I hiked 12.4 miles at Raven Rock State Park today with a few people, some training for Everest Base Camp and another for Patagonia. This is Tomas’ mapping link. With the snow and wet and cold and whatever weather was thrown at us today, a few things were proven. My shoes and socks are magical. I have Asolo hiking boots, liners and smart wool socks and my feet were dry and toasty. I have some REI gloves that sucked at staying dry. I think they were meant for cold weather mtn biking in dry conditions anyway, so gloves that can stay dry AND withstand 0 degrees F will be a pre Kili purchase.

Sunday – rest as I drove to the family farm.

Feb 4 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – 1 of 3 initial sessions with a Personal Trainer, Nadia, 6-7PM. Warm up, for 50′: knee pulls, spiderman lunges, calf stretch with 2 steps. Spend a couple seconds in each position. Workout: reverse wood chop with large ball (had some sand in it, could use a weight at home), hip tips with 8 lb. medicine ball as counterweight. Keep balancing leg straight, don’t raise hip of leg I’m raising backward, back and leg parallel to floor, finish in front with knee lift. Seated row w/ thumbs down and twist, weight 60 lbs. Start these with shoulder, then twist into arm pull, back out, finish with shoulder. Keep shoulder down so traps don’t engage. Sumo squat w/ bicep curl, weight 30 lbs. Toes pointed outward w/ legs apart, don’t squat below about 90, come up, curl, keep elbow still, back down. Ball crunches with ball on most of back up to shoulder blades, legs mostly out but on floor. Fingertips to ceiling and crunch upwards towards ceiling (don’t curl forward). Side lunges, keep toes pointed forward. Don’t lift leg when moving sideways, lower slowly, power up. Could add weight in hands held in front of chest. Stretch after!

Tuesday – Today I’m finalizing my decision to make a summit attempt on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa! I have to work on some travel details, time off work, etc. but there you have it. I’m going for it! I also climbed at TRC for 3 hours with multiple laps and I squeezed in a 5.9 and my finger didn’t hurt.

Wednesday – I did workout routine 1 of 3… took about 40 minutes on my own from start to finish. I had to improvise with some bands for the rows but made out OK.

Thursday – I climbed at TRC for 2.25 hours with multiple 5.7/8 laps and did a crimpy 5.9 and although my entire hand was like… WTF, what’s this crimpy stuff?!? my finger is OK. I’m still going to take it easy and only do one 5.9 per climbing night for now.

Friday – REST!!

Saturday – Today was more like active rest I suppose. There was no real workout, but I was on my feet most of the day running errands and cleaning and whatever. I wasn’t lazy at least.

Sunday – I hiked 5.5 miles at Raven Rock State Park. My mobile lost signal some so my path and pace didn’t really get recorded, but I think we kept a 2.5-3 mph pace up most of the time. Although I haven’t picked up any liners, no hot spots while wearing my lightweight smartwool the last 2 hikes. I think this means my feet are toughening up as needed.