Mar 11 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – REST!

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC for 3 hours.

Wednesday – I rode 6.4 virtual miles; Program 6, level 2, 24 mins.

Thursday – I climbed at TRC for 3 hours.

Friday – I did Routine 3 with Ashton.

Saturday – We originally had plans to go outdoor rock climbing at Pilot Mountain but cancelled for fear of the weather forecast. People who went said it was nice. Bummer. So I got a lot of things done around the house and exercised my liver in the evening celebrating St. Pats.

Sunday – More work around the house… I relocated my office desk to my 2nd bedroom and put handles on furniture. I wouldn’t call these activities cardio or sweat inducing, but I didn’t sit on my ass all day. Then I ended up climbing for 2 hours or so at TRC in the evening.