Mar 18 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – I believe I did rest today.

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC for 3.5 hours.

Wednesday – I think I rested again… :/

Thursday – I climbed at TRC for 2.5 hours.

Friday – I skipped again… uh oh.

Saturday – I hiked 4.5 miles at the Eno and had a 90 minute massage.

Sunday – I belayed at TRC for less than 2 hours, I did not climb. Though it would appear as if I’ve fallen off the wagon… well, I have sort of, but I thought I nice week of recovery after nearly 2.5 months of going hard would be good for my body. So long as I kick things back off by Wednesday next week, the previously statement will hold true. If not… I’m going to have to will it back into action!