Monthly Archives: April 2013

Apr 22 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – nothing.

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC.

Wednesday – nothing.

Thursday – nothing, I went to the Canes game and packed for this weekend. Tomorrow morning I leave for a Mt. Mitchell summit trek. It’s going to be a blast! Also… if you have been following this blog, you’ll realize that I’m having a hard time posting regularly lately. I don’t know why I can’t seem to find the time. I want it to be important for me to help me remember to motivate to train for Kilimanjaro. Also notice there haven’t been any PT sessions in a while… none in April that I can find in my log, bummer.

Friday – drive to Mt Mitchell!

Saturday – Mount Mitchell summit trek!

Sunday – rest, pig out for dinner at Kanki.

Apr 15 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – I’m recovering from the Mount St. Helens summit attempt and also doing laundry and other household chores that just have to be caught up on after being away for 8 days.

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC.

Wednesday – nothing, dinner with a friend.

Thursday – I climbed at TRC.

Friday – nothing.

Saturday – I hiked about 8 miles at Raven Rock State Park.

Sunday – nothing.

Apr 8 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – no idea yet!

Tuesday – I climbed at Warehouse Rock Gym for 2.5 hours.

Wednesday – nothing to note, walked around the capitol building in Olympia, WA.

Thursday – I climbed at Warehouse Rock Gym for 3 hours.

Friday – rest for the big day Saturday.

Saturday – Mount St. Helens summit attempt! You’ll just have to visit that link to check it out.

Sunday – flying home.

Apr 1 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – rest?

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC for 2 hours.

Wednesday – I hosted my model railroad club meeting so I wasn’t able to do anything else.

Thursday – I climbed at TRC for 3 hours.

Friday – nothing?

Saturday – helped my friend Jes move, so while it wasn’t a “workout” it was lots of moving and lifting.

Sunday – travel to west coast.