Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 27 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – Still at camp at Table Rock. We packed up, prepared our packs for one more hike and headed back down the mountain until we arrived at the Hawksbill trailhead. We hiked to the top of Hawksbill for some spectacular views. We hung out, goofed off with our cameras, then hiked back down. We changed into some decent clothes, sort of, then pigged out at a local burger joint in Morganton. What a great weekend!

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC for 2.5 hours.

Wednesday – nothing

Thursday – I climbed at TRC for 2 hours.

Friday – nothing

Saturday – nothing that I can recall because I can’t seem to keep up with these posts on a regular schedule…

Sunday – I climbed at TRC for 2 hours.

May 20 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – Nothing of interest tonight

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC for 2.5 hours.

Wednesday – I packed for a weekend at Table Rock in the Linville Gorge area of NC.

Thursday – I climbed for 2.5 hours then continued to pack long into the night. Bed was 1:45am or so.

Friday – I worked half a day, then off to the mountains! Amelia and Tomas rode with me. We took a detour from Morganton, NC to Lake Lure… oops, but we made it to Table Rock, setup camp, had dinner, then Rudy and Catherine arrived late.

Saturday – Rudy headed off with Brian to do some multi-pitch climbing while the rest of us hiked from Table Rock past the Chimneys to the end of the ridge, then back to the Chimneys and setup a top rope and did some rock climbing. Then we hiked back to camp and others joined us. Amy, Barry and Ashton all came through during dinner. There were 2 people stuck with a flat so we had extra food and helped them out. They eventually got out with fixaflat and a tow truck.

Sunday – We hiked back to the Chimneys and setup 2 other top ropes for climbing. We all climbed multiple routes. It was lots of fun. After climbing we hiked back to camp, dropped our climbing gear (except Amelia) and hiked to the top of Table Rock to check out the view, then back down for dinner. We met some nice people the previous day where we setup the first top rope. They invited us to join them by their fire. I shared a couple home brews (Belgian Tripel). Noah, Courtney? Tiffany and Chris? They were all very nice. The trip continues into next Monday, hurray for holiday weekends!

May 13 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – nothing, but do you realize I’m posting this week’s blog entry on Thursday evening? I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with such a simple blog. I certainly haven’t made any revelational mental dumps on my thoughts about Kilimanjaro, but I tell ya, I’ve had a blast tackling some of these mountains on my Mountaineering pages!

Tuesday – I climbed for 3 hours at TRC and saw Iron Man 3 in IMAX 3D late night and it was good.

Wednesday – I had somewhat intended to do one of my exercise routines, however, that didn’t happen. Instead I took an opportunity to be completely brain dead and it felt good.

Thursday – I climbed a little more than 2 hours. I tried a few harder climbs tonight and got my butt kicked. But that’s OK, lots of falling means lots of learning, or at least, it should!

Friday – nothing

Saturday – Hung out with Jes and Tully, we walked from her place into downtown Durham for dinner and beers, then walked back in a ridiculous thunderstorm. We had rain shells for our tops, but waste down we were soaked! Still, it was fun!

Sunday – nothing

May 6 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – I cooked a lot, but nothing really.

Tuesday – I climbed for 3.5 hours, phewie!

Wednesday – I climbed lightly for 2 hours. I was introducing a newbie to climbing. We had a good time. I think she might be hooked!

Thursday – I climbed for 2.5 hours at TRC.

Friday – nothing.

Saturday – Friends and I met up for a 10 mile hike at Raven Rock State Park. Recently my Dad decided he was going to try to hike the 14ers in CO with me, his older brother and my cousin John. Dad came and did the first loop of the hike which was about 5.25 miles or so (other GPS showed 6.3 for first this loop). I pushed hard and had a fast pace in the first loop as you can see in the mapping here. My Nike+ app says 9.33 miles, but other GPS units were around 11+ for the day. I’m starting to think my Nike+ app… or my iPhone just plain sucks at GPS mapping of a hike or bike. At any rate, fun toy to play with.

Sunday – I think I did nothing.

Apr 29 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – nothing

Tuesday – I climbed at TRC for 2.5 hours.

Wednesday – nothing, walked around downtown a bit.

Thursday – I climbed at TRC for 2.5 hours.

Friday – So, it’s been a REALLY long week. It’s not really an excuse not to exercise, but I’m going to enjoy a couple beers tonight and watch Star Wars (May the Fourth be with you tomorrow). I don’t have time tomorrow, so I’ll get some in tonight. I work tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully I’ll do some cardio before I work. I continually find it harder and harder to keep up with this exercise blog…

Saturday – A very productive weekend at home even if I didn’t go on a hike. My master bedroom finally has all the new furniture moved into it… yes I bought it all in December and slept on a twin sized air mattress until this weekend. You know, I think it was better on my back than my crappy mattress. It is a Sealy, naturals (with the bamboo fabric to “keep you cooler”) but it has sagged badly in the middle (yet meets warranty specs). I hate it. We’ll see how long I can stand it before I consider a sleep number bed.

Sunday – I climbed at TRC for 2 hours.