Monthly Archives: July 2013

Jul 22 Weekly Exercise Update

Monday – first day back from CO and well, I didn’t do much today. I’m trying to work on my story and website (this site) so I can share the adventure with friends.

Tuesday – I climbed for 3 hours at TRC.

Wednesday – I’m still working on my CO stories and website entries.

Thursday –

Friday –

Saturday –

Sunday –

Jul 15 Weekly Exercise Update

You probably noticed I haven’t made an update in a few weeks. Well, work is hectic, I’m still rock climbing Tu and T and Sunday when I can. I’ve just been busy and keeping a blog regularly is not that easy.

Monday – rest… it’s Colorado 14er week! Tomorrow I fly to CO and make an attempt on five 14,000+ ft mountains in four days.

Tuesday – fly from Raleigh at 315 ft and land in Denver, drive to Central City campsite at 8,950 ft.

Wednesday – summit Beirstadt at 14,060 ft.

Thursday – summit Evans at 14,258 ft then drive to campsite near Pikes Peak at 10,000 ft.

Friday – summit Pikes Peak at 14,110 ft. then drive back to first campsite.

Saturday – summit Grays and Torreys at 14,270 ft and 14,267 ft.

Sunday – fly back to Raleigh.

My first trip to CO to summit 14ers… stories, photos and videos are in the Mountaineering section of the site.