Routine 1

Workout created by Nadia Ziadi.

Warm Up

1. Knee pulls x 10 each leg
2. Spiderman lunges x 10
3. Calf stretch with 2 steps x 10 each leg (spend a couple seconds in each position)


1. Reverse wood chop with large ball x 20 each side (had some sand in it, could use a weight at home)
2. Hip tips x 10 each side (with 8 lb. medicine ball as counterweight, keep balancing leg straight, don’t raise hip of leg being raising backward, go back and leg parallel to floor, finish in front with knee lift)
3. Seated row w/ thumbs down and twist x 15 each arm (weight 40 lbs., start with shoulder, then twist into arm pull, back out, finish with shoulder, keep shoulder down so traps don’t engage)
4. Sumo squat w/ bicep curl x 15 each arm (weight 20 lbs., toes pointed outward w/ legs apart, don’t squat below about 90, come up, curl, keep elbow still, back down)
5. Ball crunches x 10 (with ball on most of back up to shoulder blades, legs mostly out but on floor, fingertips to ceiling and crunch upwards, don’t curl forward)
6. Side lunges x 10 each leg (keep toes pointed forward, don’t lift leg when moving sideways, lower slowly, power up, could add weight in hands held in front of chest)
Repeat 1-6!