Routine 2

Workout created by Nadia Ziadi.

Warm Up

1. Spiderman lunges x 10
2. Leg cradle lunges x 5 each leg (lift leg and put ankle in opposite hand, same hand under knee and pull up on leg with shoulders back then lunge)
3. Walk out pushups x 15 (keep legs straight, curl up and end with shoulders back)


1. Step up hops x 20 each leg (16″ high bench)
2. Two hand overhead triceps extension on ball x 12-15. (weight at 30 lbs., keep elbows in, motion is UP not forward; as you get better, bring legs in closer together in front of ball)
3. Walk out pushups x 15
4. Crunch reaches on ball x 15 per side (hold head in 1 hand, extend other hand over head and crunch, as hand reaches thigh, crunch further to slide hand up towards knee, then back, looking ahead, don’t tuck chin, make sure body is parallel with floor, but ball not under shoulder blades, just touching; after each side, lay way back on ball to stretch out abs a bit)
5. Side squats on bosu ball x 10 each leg (don’t step off too far and power up with leg on bosu ball, not leg on floor, this will require focus on power leg)
Repeat 1-2,4-5!
6. Dips off bench x15 (with feet on medicine ball. Keep back near bench, elbows in, straight down not past 90)