Routine 3

Workout created by Nadia Ziadi.

Warm Up

1. Alternating knee pulls x 10 each leg
2. Cross kicks x 10 each leg (hold hands straight out in front and kick opposite hand, keep shoulders back)
3. Spiderman lunges x 10


1. Run steps x 2 minutes (to 2nd story, skip a step on way up, no skipping on way down)
2. Regular lunges x 10 each leg
Start over!
3. Alternating knee pulls x 10 each leg
4. Cross kicks x 10 each leg
5. Spiderman lunges x 10
6. Run steps x 2 minutes
7. Sit up pulls x 15 (do sit ups with arms over head, as you come up, grab railing and pull to stand, then reverse (that’s 1). Try to focus on using lats, arms only slightly bent.)
8. Inch worms x 10 (these are somewhat like the walk out pushups, but after you walk out, no pushup (until you up the ante), then walk up using your ankles towards your hands, keep legs straight, then hands back out, really works core)
9. Side shuffles x 2 minutes (about 50 ft. each direction)
Repeat 7-9!
10. Alternating ball push ups x 12 (about basketball size under 1 hand, other hand on floor)
11. Side planks x 30 seconds each side (lay on side with legs straight, feet stacked on top of each other. Place elbow directly under shoulder and plank (lift up hips))