Mount Yale

August 12, 2015 – I did not make the summit of Mount Yale (14,202 ft.) due to weather conditions on the summit.

Aerial view of the summit path for Mount Yale

Aerial view of the summit path for Mount Yale

Stats from Garmin GPSMap 62s:
*GPS has slight skew

Distance: 7.78 miles
Avg Moving Speed: 1.9 mph
Elevation Gain: 3,137 ft.
Min Elevation: 9,901 ft.
Max Elevation: 13,061 ft.

Hiking Mount Yale was a butt kicker from the start. It was the 4th 14er of my trip so acclimatization was not an issue, nor fitness, but it was still a tough climb and very windy. The skies all around were beautiful blue but I turned around at 13,061 ft. due to weather on the summit. It was covered in thick clouds all day and had not improved. I decided it wasn’t worth a view of inside a cloud at the top and turned around.

Summit Video:
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